Patio Enclosure Worcester MA

Patio enclosure is a generic term relating to a variety of styles of room, porches or decks that are attached to a home or business, and enclosed with glass and windows designed to admit and retain the sun's heat during the colder times and reflect more away in hotter times. Without the later ability, the enclosure is not much better than a standard greenhouse or cold frame at the controlling the internal climate and would not be suitable as a living space for much more than the spring and fall seasons. When well-designed enclosures are added to your home, the benefit is a tremendous combination of quality of life, increased home value, and a living space that brings the outdoor beauty inside.

Patio enclosure additions typically fall into Category III, IV or V sunrooms, depending on whether they are open to the main structure, separately heated/cooled, or un-conditioned space (click here for building code specifications). A true year-round room, which is heated and/or cooled and rated to be open to the main structure will have maximal increase to the value of your home.

Our things to consider page provides information that may be helpful to you as you choose a sunroom manufacturer.

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